You can use Tapdaq's cross promotion feature to create a More Apps ad unit within your application.

SDK Integration

To start off, please ensure you are using the latest Tapdaq SDK in your project, which can be downloaded here.

Specific details on how to integrate the More Apps unit can be found in the examples section of the documentation of each SDK.

Dashboard Set Up

In order for your More Apps screen to function correctly, you will need to ensure you follow the following steps on the Tapdaq dashboard.

1. Placement Tags

We recommend you assign each row within your More Apps unit a unique Placement Tag. (For example, tray-position-1, tray-position-2, tray-position-3 etc.)

This will mean that when setting up your promotions, you can ensure a specific app is displayed at a specific location within your More Apps unit.

There is no maximum limit on how many placements are within your More Apps screen, but there is a minimum of three.

2. Promotion Set Up

A) Placement Targeting

When setting up your cross promotion campaigns, we recommend setting 1 promotion per placement. (For example, Game A promoted in tray-position-1, Game B promoted in tray-position-2, etc.)

Note: If you target a promotion to more than one placement, then the same app will appear multiple times on your More Games screen.

B) Ad Creatives

When adding creatives for your More Apps screen, you'll need to upload a 750x750 pixel version of your app's icon.

C) Native Ad Meta Settings

Finally, you can also customise the app title and call to action text by using the native settings section on the promotion set up page.

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