Adding Chartboost Keys To The Tapdaq Dashboard

In order to enable Chartboost as a demand source on Tapdaq mediation, you will need to add the following keys to our dashboard:

User ID and User Signature

On the Chartboost dashboard, click on the 'Tools' tab in the left hand menu, and then 'API Explorer'. On this page, you will see both your 'User ID' and 'User Signature'.

App ID and App Signature

On the Chartboost dashboard, select your app in the left hand menu, and then 'App Settings' followed by 'Basic Settings'. On the right hand side of the page, you will now see your 'App ID' and 'App Signature'.

Setting Up A Chartboost Publisher Campaign

To ensure you are able to view live ads from Chartboost, please set up a publisher campaign for your app on the Chartboost dashboard. More details can be found here, and in the video below:

Static vs Video Interstitials

Interstitial ad calls to Chartboost can return either static or video ads. If you wish to only show static/video interstitials from Chartboost, then only set up a publishing campaign for this ad type.

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