Adding AppLovin Keys To The Tapdaq Dashboard

In order to enable AppLovin as a demand source on Tapdaq mediation, you will need to add the following keys to our dashboard:

SDK Key and Reporting

On the AppLovin dashboard, navigate to your account settings page and click on the 'Keys' tab in the left menu. You will then be shown your SDK Key and Reporting Key.

AppLovin Dashboard Set Up

Interstitial ad calls to AppLovin can return either static, playable or video ads. If you wish to only show a specific interstitial type or enable rewarded video, then please configure this on the AppLovin dashboard:

To ensure rewarded video ads behave as expected, please ensure your rewarded video value is greater than 0, and ensure the reward has a name value entered.

Finally, Tapdaq supports native ads from AppLovin. For more information on integrating native ads, please visit our documentation for iOS and Android.

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