When running promotions on Tapdaq, you can use app deeplink URLs to have increased control over how your promotions are delivered.  

For example, you can prevent users from seeing an ad for an app which they already have installed on their device, or you can re-engage existing app users by showing ads which launch the installed app when clicked. 

Note: For this feature to work, you will need to have integrated deeplinking into your application. You can learn more about deeplinks here.

Add Your Deeplink

If you have a deeplink URL for your application, you can add this to your app's settings page on Tapdaq. The field for this is labeled Deeplink URL.

Ignore Users Who Already Have Your App Installed

When setting up a promotion on Tapdaq, you will then see an option under the targeting settings which is titled Hide if app is already installed?

If you enable this toggle, ads for the app you are promoting will not be shown if the user already has that application installed.

Enable Existing Users To Open Your App

You can use deeplinks to re-engage existing users of your app. To do this, add your app deeplink to your app settings page as shown above, but when setting up a promotion do not enabled the 'Hide if app is already installed' toggle. 

This will result in ads for your app still being displayed, and your app being launched if a user clicks on an ad (instead of a user being redirected to the app store).


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