Tapdaq enables you to cross promote your own network of applications. This gives you the ability to utilize your own internal traffic to promote either your best monetizing or newly released application(s).

1. Select The App/URL You Want To Promote

Firstly you need to select the app/URL you want to promote. To do this, click the Promotions tab in the left menu, and then Add Promotion in the top right hand corner.

Note: Your app must have a live store URL to be promoted on Tapdaq.

2. Choose Which App(s) Will Show Ads

On Tapdaq you can promote your app/URL in a single application, or across multiple apps in your portfolio. You can also specify which exact placements you would like to display ads in.

Note: You will need to integrate the Tapdaq SDK in order to display ads in your app.

3. Upload Creatives

Tapdaq cross promotion campaigns support static/GIF interstitial and native ads. When setting up your promotion, you can choose whether to use previously uploaded creative, or upload new creatives.

Note: You can view a full breakdown of supported ad sizes here. The option to add a GIF interstitial will only appear once you have uploaded a static interstitial.

If you use native ads, then you can also add meta content which can be edited server side, any time. These values are shown below:

4. Define Your Targeting

You can target users based on location, device version, and OS version. You can also exclude users from seeing ads if they already have your app installed.

Note: Country targeting is based on a device's country code setting.

5. Advanced Settings

In the advanced settings section at the bottom of the promotion page, you can set a custom name for your promotion and define a custom frequency cap.

Once you're happy with your settings, you can start your promotion by clicking Create Promotion.

Note: It may take up to 30 minutes for live ads to start showing within your app.

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