Ad Mediation

Tapdaq's ad mediation supports static interstitial, video interstitial, rewarded video, banner, and offerwall formats.

Cross Promotion

Tapdaq's cross promotion supports static and GIF interstitials, as well as native ad formats.

(Static and GIF) iOS Interstitials

900px by 1600px     (iPhone Portrait)
1600px by 900px     (iPhone Landscape)

1680px by 2250px   (iPad Portrait)
2250px by 1680px   (iPad Landscape)

(Static and GIF) Android Interstitials

960px by 1440px      (Phone Portrait)
1440px by 960px      (Phone Landscape)

2304px by 3072px   (Tablet Portrait)
3072px by 2304px   (Tablet Landscape)

Native Ads (Both Platforms)

750px by 750px      (TDAdType1x1Large)
1800px by 900px    (TDAdType2x1Large)
900px by 1800px    (TDAdType1x2Large)
1440px by 960px    (TDAdType3x2Large)
960px by 1440px    (TDAdType2x3Large)
1800px by 360px    (TDAdType5x1Large)
360px by 1800px    (TDAdType1x5Large)

Ad Size Templates

If you are using Tapdaq for cross promotion, we provide templates in both PNG and Sketch file formats which can be accessed below:

PNG templates: Download files (.zip) template: Download files (.zip)

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