Tapdaq provides unrivalled transparency on how demand is prioritised within your application. You can view the predicted prices of auto optimised networks, set manual eCPM rules, and gain insights on inactive networks.

Managing Waterfall Views

Viewing and managing the prioritisation of demand sources is handled on a country level. You can add country views by clicking Add View in the top right hand corner.

By default, all apps have waterfall views for the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. You can add a view for any country by clicking Add View in the top right hand corner.

To view and manage the priority of a specific country, click Expand.

In the expanded view, you can see all enabled demand sources and their zones. Demand source priority is driven by the price (eCPM) the network pays out at.

You can change the priority of the demand sources by either dragging and dropping each line item to a new position, or by clicking Edit when hovering over each price.

Demand Pricing

There are three price types displayed on the ad prioritisation pages:

Auto Optimised

Auto optimised demand has has a dynamic price/priority which is determined by Tapdaq's optimisation algorithm, and can be left to run automatically.

Note: When viewing the all country group, predicted prices are not shown.

Manual eCPMs

Manual price rules can be used to fix demand sources at a specific value within the auction/waterfall.

Network Insights

Tapdaq shows you the predicted eCPMs for networks which aren't integrated within your project, meaning you can make an informed decision over which new networks you should add to your application.

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