Ever wondered how much money you're leaving on the table by not exploring other demand sources?

Tapdaq shows you the predicted eCPMs for networks which aren't integrated within your project, meaning you can make an informed decision over which new networks you should add to your application.

This data is unique to Tapdaq. As we have no conflict of interest when prioritising demand sources, we provide you with the data you need to ensure maximum competition for your inventory.

In contrast, biased mediators are more focused on ensuring their own demand gets the greatest possible impression share. For them, competition between demand sources is a negative scenario, as it makes it harder for their own demand to compete.

Understanding The Data

The above screenshot shows the ad prioritisation screen which can be found on the Tapdaq dashboard (Mediation > Ad Prioritisation). You can clearly see the active demand sources with their predicted prices, as well as the inactive networks with their predicted prices. 

The price of the active networks is determined by your app's actual performance data, whereas the inactive network prices are based on average data from other apps on the Tapdaq platform. Using the filters on our dashboard, you can view predicted prices on an app, country and ad format level.

Note: When using our ad prioritisation insights to identify network opportunities, we recommend contacting our support team who may be able to make additional recommendations on performance.

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