Adding YouAppi Keys To The Tapdaq Dashboard

To enable YouAppi as a demand source on Tapdaq mediation, you will need to add the following keys to our dashboard:

Reporting Key

You will need to contact your YouAppi account manager to gain access to your reporting key.

Access Token

Each of your applications will have a unique application/access token. To retrieve your app's token, please log in to your YouAppi account and visit the integrations page.

If you are yet to add your app's to the YouAppi dashboard, then please get in touch with your YouAppi account manager so they can take care of this process for you.

Ad Unit IDs

You will need to provide ad unit IDs for each ad format you wish to use on YouAppi. We support static and video interstitial, as well as rewarded video.

Ad unit IDs are publisher defined, and are primarily used for reporting purposes. When entering your IDs, please ensure they only include letters (lowercase, uppercase), numbers and underscores.

By default, apps added to Tapdaq are automatically assigned the following IDs:

Static Interstitial:       InterstitialAd
Video Interstitial:      InterstitialVideo
Rewarded video:      RewardedVideo

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