Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (often shortened to ARPDAU) reporting is available to all Tapdaq customers using our mediation features.

The above chart can be accessed by visiting Performance > Insights.

ARPDAU is an important metric for tracking how your ad revenue scales alongside your active user base. 

As well as tracking data on a daily basis, Tapdaq enables you to look at cumulative revenue per unique user over a customisable timeframe, on an app and country level.

When analysing your ordinal data, it's worth considering the following:

  • ARPDAU data is provided in cents (¢).

  • DAU (active user count) is determined by unique IDFA count, and does not include zero'd IDFAs.

  • When using the table view (shown below), please note that average revenue per unique user (ARPUU) is quoted. This is because when viewing the App and Country tabs, the unique user count is aggregated based on the timeframe selected in the filters at the top of the page.

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