Ordinal reporting provides transparency on which demand sources are winning each impression throughout your ad waterfall.

The above chart can be accessed by visiting Performance > Insights. Please note, impression data from devices which have limit ad tracking enabled is not included.

In effect, ordinal reporting measures the impression count per user, over a 24 hour period. So, the '1st impression' represents the 1st ad seen by a user each day (and is considered to be the most valuable to demand sources).

When analysing your ordinal data, it's worth considering the following:

  • The fill rate for each demand source, viewable on the mediation performance pages.

  • The fact that Tapdaq's algorithm automatically A/B tests each demand source throughout different positions in your waterfall to ensure pricing is fair.

  • If you don't filter your ordinal data by country, it will likely appear that there is a mix of demand sources competing strongly for each impression. This is due to the fact that rarely does a single demand source out perform all others in all geos.

Note: Ordinal reporting is a level of transparency is unique to Tapdaq, and is made possible thanks to our unbiased operating model.

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