Adding Receptiv Keys To The Tapdaq Dashboard

To enable Receptiv as a demand source on Tapdaq mediation, you will need to add the following keys to our dashboard:

Consumer Secret

Consumer Key

Base URL

App ID

Rewarded Zone

Non-Rewarded Zone

All of the above IDs will need to be sent to you by your Receptiv account manager. If you are yet to sign up to Receptiv, you can do so here.


Receptiv production ads only display in the United States and Canada. For 100% fill and international availability, we suggest you use the Test Base URL while testing your integration.

The benefits of using the Test Base URL:

  • Works around the world
  • Speeds up your integration
  • Speeds up QA process
  • Guaranteed to see our ads 100% of the time

If you jump directly to using the production manifest URL and you’re outside of the United States, we cannot guarantee you will receive ads.

Test Manifest URL should ONLY be used for testing purposes, as it will not deliver live campaigns to your app.

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